Integrating Firms

Two Fortune 100 publicly-held financial services firms agreed to a merger. Wise Counsel consulted with members of the Executive Committee to clarify goals and strategies, forecast cultural issues, and design and approve a plan for addressing those challenges. We also worked with the heads of Human Resources and Communications to ensure leaders’ messages about the changes were clearly communicated to employees and other stakeholders. The merger has proved highly successful, standing as a model for other major institutions and delivering significant value to shareholders.

Redesigning a Division

The new president of the mutual fund arm of a worldwide investment company remained lead investor for one of its funds. The division had not been restructured in two decades, leading to inefficiencies and unmitigated risks. Wise Counsel helped him identify a successor for his investment role. Based on best practices in the field and the culture of the existing organization, we then designing a new divisional structure. This allowed for greater operational efficiency, risk management, cooperation with the wealth management and alternative investment branches of the company, and increased sales.

Dr. Keith Whitaker of Wise Counsel Research Associates is the most impressive new thinker in our space.

— Bruce Weatherill, Chairman, ClearView Financial Media


Restructuring a Leadership Team

The Head of Operations for an international technology company found herself overseeing over a dozen executives inherited from a variety of predecessor firms. Working with Wise Counsel, she designed a 360-process to evaluate the existing leaders’ strengths and weaknesses. Based on this feedback, she then was able to identify a successor, restructure the team, and redefine remaining leaders’ roles. Because of the communication and care exercised throughout this process, the team continued to function at a very high level.

Building a Corporate Philanthropic Team

An international retail company inherited several corporate philanthropy and social responsibility resources via a series of mergers. Wise Counsel worked with the new Head of Corporate Philanthropy to clarify her goals, identify prospective team-members, and establish a process for evaluating success. The process became a model for other leadership integration efforts in the company, earned trust and partnership for corporate philanthropy throughout the lines of business, and enhanced the company’s brand.